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Maken slog mig i Fantasy…

ynwa65 (third place, 2-1, 236.06 points) knocks Wild Bats (2-1, 288.16 points) out of the top spot after beating them, 81.64 – 75.10. Jordan Cameron (66 Rec Yds, 3 TD) led ynwa65 with 24.60 points while DeAngelo Williams (120 Rsh Yds) scored 11.70. ynwa65 took a 27.24-point lead on Sunday afternoon and held the lead throughout the matchup. These two teams are tied for third place with 2-1 records, but Wild Bats has a clear lead in points, 288.16 – 236.06. ynwa65 beat their projections and put up 17.6% more than their projected 69.42 points, while Wild Bats failed to meet expectations and got just 86.8% of a projected 86.48. With Daryl Richardson delivering zero points for ynwa65, the margin could have been larger. ynwa65 will have to step up their game next week when they go up against Mudville Nine (1-2, 302.96), who averages a solid 100.99 points per game. Wild Bats will take on pottingerdevinj (1-2, 243.32).

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Dottern ligger i topp, sedan jag och därefter maken…


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