Easter Witch

Here is a small description and explanation to why we have Easter Witch for Easter to all my friends out of Sweden!

Easter old women, even Easter hag  and Easter Witch are a part of  old Swedish folklore, a witch who traditionally fly on broom to Blåkulla. Blåkulla is the place where witches, according to folklore flew on broomsticks during Holy Thursday to party with the Devil. Orgies are said to have been going to Holy Saturday or Easter Sunday morning when “witches” went back home. Large bonfires were lit to chase them away.

The idea of ​​witches believed to come from 1600’s witches.

In 1660 – and 1670’s were the worst witch trials in Sweden and hundreds were executed after being admitted to have gone to the devil’s feast. Banquet was held in a magnificent garden in a place often but not always, called the Brocken. The witches thought they were served lots of treats, but it was, in fact, frogs, snakes and toads.

Are Easter witches really witches?

Easter old ladies are based on folklore and can be quite different from the witches believed in during the 1600s. It happens that witches have accessories coffee pot, a black cat and broomstick. Several of these attributes are not directly related to the future of witches. Coffee was not drunk in Sweden in the 1600s, nor are black cats mentioned in the legal records of the time. Referring to modern superstition, a theory being that the coffee pot is a symbol of the cauldron and the black cat of misfortune.

It is uncertain when the Passover tradition that children dress up as Easter witches began in Sweden, but the practice was widespread in the western Swedish city in the mid 1800’s. Therefore, the first Easter old ladies, probably from the beginning of the 1800s or earlier.

Sources: Wikipedia

The kids dress up as Easter withes and draws small Easter letter and go from door to door for candy.



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