Schmincke Horadam Aquarell

Jag har länge varit nyfiken på Schmincke Horadam Aquarell från Tyskland, men känner att ett set är långt utanför min ekonomi: Nu när Pen Store hade fraktfritt så fick det bli färger som komplimenterade de jag redan har från:

  • Talens, Rembrandt (Nederländerna)
  • St Petersburg, White Nights (Ryssland)
  • Winsor & Newton (England)

509 Cobalt Turquoise is a very lightfast turquoise; brilliant and opaque for solid coverage. (4)

  • Pigment Identification – PG 50 Cobalt-lithium-titanium-zinc-oxide
  • Semi-opaque
  • Semi-staining – moderately easy to lift and remove  from page
  • ***** Excellent Lightfastness

516 Green Earth contains pure natural earth extracted from efflorescenced calcium-magnesium-iron-silicate. It is not very colourful but perfectly transparent. It is recommenced for toning down skin tones in portrait and figure painting. The semi-staining nature means you can lift it moderately easily from the page to bring back highlights. (1)


  • Pigment Identification – PBr 7 PG 7 Earth Pigment and Phthtalocyanine Green
  • Semi-transparent
  • Semi -staining –  moderately easy  to lift and remove  from the page.
  • **** Good Lightfastness

 370 Potters pink: Historical pigment. Brownish, dull, very light rose red. Strongly granulating. (3)

  • Semi-transparent
  • Non-staining
  • Granulating
  • **** Good lightfastness

785 Neutral Grey is made from complimentary colours without black content. It remains neutral even when mixed with white. (3)

  • Pigment Identification -PB60, PO62, PR255 Indanthrone Blue, Benzimidazolone DPP
  • Semi- Opaque
  • Semi-staining –  moderately easy to lift and remove  from the page.
  • **** Good Lightfastness
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