Distress Oxide Spray 2

Jag kontaktade min säljare då jag upptäckte en cancer varning på mina spray flaskor. När jag köpte dem fanns det ingen information om detta. Hon i sin tur kontaktade Ranger och Vidarebefordrade deras svar samt ett test och säkerhets dokument. Blev inte mig mindre orolig efter att läst dokumentet… Det finns här nedan om du själv vill läsa det annars har jag några utdrag längre ned på sidan.

Det blir till att munskydd för min del samt inte använda dem i min pyssel vrå i köket något mer. När vädret tillåter så kommer jag att vara utomhus då jag använder dem. När jag flyttar in i mitt pysselrum så blir det att öppna fönstret. Bättre att vara på den säkra sidan, det går ju inte rengöra lungorna.

I contacted my seller after I found a cancer varning on my sprays, there was no information about the cancer warning in the webbshop when I bought the sprays here in Sweden. She contacted Ranger and then sent me the answer she got and a Safety Data Sheet. Reading this document does not make me less worried … I have added the dokument below if you want to read it otherwise I have some excerpts further down the page.

It will use a mouth guard for my part and not use the sprays in my craft space in the kitchen any more. When the weather allows, I will be outdoors when I use them. When I move into my craft-room, I will open the window. Better to be on the safe side, You can’t clean your lungs.

“The label on Distress Oxide Sprays has come from strict regulation from the state of California stemming from the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Proposition 65), passed in 1986.  Here are some facts concerning this label:

  • The Proposition 65 warning labeling is not a determination of whether or not the product is toxic.
  • The label is required to be placed on any product sold in California that contains a chemical (or chemicals) listed by California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA).
  • The list of chemicals was created as part of the law passed in 1986:

o   The intent of this list was to identify any chemicals that could cause, as determined by the state of California, cancer or reproductive harm in drinking water.

o   OEHHA has grown the scope of this list to include any product sold in California.

  • This warning is required to be placed on the product regardless of the concentration.
  • All Ranger products are evaluated by a Board-certified toxicologist for acute and chronic toxicity per federal law.

o   When you see “Conforms to ASTM D-4236”, this means that the product has passed that evaluation.

o   This evaluation also determines whether we have chemicals within our product that would trigger the Proposition 65 label.

The above is, again, not an opinion of whether the product is toxic, but is merely there to inform whether the chemical is present, regardless of the concentration.

A copy of the Safety Data Sheet for the Distress Oxide Sprays is attached for your reference.