Tutorial Videos


Chalked clouds

Make cloud background on you card

Make you own Rose Buds

Make you own beautifully Rose Buds

Mount Rubber Stamps

This is the way that I mount my Rubber Stamps


Here is a system that I have come up with to store all my cling on mounted stamps. You can make it fit any box or drawer… by adjust the paper size.

DIY Rose Buds


Masking technique with stamps

Here I show how I do when I mask together a lot of different stamps. I just love to mask


Die Clener on a budget

I had no desire to buy Spellbinders tool n one … it had to have something here at home that I can use. Dish brush??? No too big, would take up a whole tray in my tool spinner … then I came to think of my acrylic brushes, I have a bunch left over from when I painted ceramics. The torn down pretty quick so I bought the cheapest Kit that I could find and the big ones I cut down some of bristles, otherwise could not use them fort that. It was a bit of history why the brush looks like it does. They had to be a little stiffer … so I got some sewing thread and glue, that I wrapped around the brush so that they cannot move around so much.. IT WORKS PERFECT!!!

DIY: Distress oxide foam storing

They take up a little space and quick and easy access, and sampels with and without oxide

Modified WeR Precision Press

I have made my WeR Precision Press magnetic… with 5 mm & 7 mm supermagnet.

DIY Wreath Builder Jig

DIY Wreath Builder Jig


I tested making some own SHIFTER stencil, similar to those I saw Tim Holtz use. There will be more in the future …


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