Wild Bats lost again…

2013-10-02 13-42-38

8th place Wild Bats (2-2, 374.56) faces off with 10th place will2061 (1-3, 352.50) in Week 5, with both teams looking to end their two-game losing streaks. Wild Bats lost to pottingerdevinj, 109.84 – 86.60, last week, while will2061 was dominated by 3march, 121.08 – 63.24. This matchup could be up for grabs, with Wild Bats favored to win by 3.00 points according to projections.

These two teams are scheduled to face one another twice, with their next matchup coming in Week 14.

Each team ranks in the bottom half of the league in scoring average. Wild Bats ranks sixth, with 93.64 points per game, while will2061 ranks eighth with 88.12. Wild Bats has Steve Johnson (2.60 projected points) playing on Thursday night, while all of the starters for will2061 will start playing on Sunday. Two other league matchups get underway on Thursday: iguodala13 vs. gametimenow and ynwa65 vs. asterix21.

Neither team has a substantial edge at any position, based on the initial projections and starting lineups. To add to their projected matchup lead, Wild Bats may consider adding Philip Rivers (QB, 22.52 projected points).

One player on each team will be on bye this week. Wild Bats will have to replace Alfred Morris, while will2061 will be without Doug Martin. Steve Smith (10.90 projected points) comes back from bye for Wild Bats this week. For will2061, Randall Cobb (15.90 projected points) returns.

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